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Our facial plastic surgeons are able to perform the full range of facial rejuvenation procedures, from full facelifts and nose-reshaping surgery all the way to advising on facial skin care. A facial plastic surgeon ONLY performs procedures in the face and neck region. We would recommend avoiding practitioners who are qualified to perform only facial injectable treatments to carry out your facial rejuvenation needs. This includes nurses, GPs, cosmetic/aesthetic doctors and dentists.

Why should I avoid facial injectables performed by nurses, GPs, cosmetic/aesthetic doctors and dentists?
The key unifying theme that links all the above professionals is their attendance at a 2 day training course on facial injectables. The courses are usually named ‘2 day weekend Botox and Dermal filler course’. We would recommend you type in this phrase on a search engine to see what you find. A facial plastic surgeon has had 18 months of continuous educational exposure across the entire breadth of facial rejuvenation procedures – both surgical and injectable treatments. This is on top of their specialist training in one of the 4 surgical specialities listed above. More than 30% of facial procedures we perform are for correcting facial complications from injectables performed by one of the aforementioned practitioner types.

What is the difference between a general plastic surgeon and a facial plastic surgeon?
A general plastic surgeon will perform surgery across the full breadth of cosmetic surgery – this includes breast, body and face surgery. A facial plastic surgeon ONLY performs surgery on the face and neck region. The margin for error in breast and body surgery is measured in centimetres. The margin for error in facial rejuvenation procedures is measured in MILLIMETRES. Being a full-time dedicated facial specialist means treatment outcomes are superior because of higher case volumes. For example, a general plastic surgeon may perform perhaps 2-3 rhinoplasties (nose-reshaping surgery) per month mixed in with breast enlargements, tummy tucks and female genital surgery. A facial plastic surgeon will usually perform around 15-16 rhinoplasty procedures each month.

Why choose „ ESTET & GYN „ Plastic Surgery Clinic for your facial rejuvenation needs?
All aspects of your facial rejuvenation care, whether facial surgery or facial injectables, and from initial consultation all the way through to the aftercare consultation – will be delivered by a facial plastic surgeon. All facial plastic surgeons have extensive experience in revision surgery for your peace of mind. Competence in revision surgery requires extensive reconstructive expertise which can only be learnt through a specialist facial plastic surgery fellowship.

What happens at my facial rejuvenation consultation?
All aspects of your needs and preferences will be discussed. The issue of what can be done and what cannot be done will be fully covered. The full range of surgical and injectable options specific to you as an individual will be covered in depth. The single most important aspect of a successful outcome is meticulous patient selection. Please remember that any facial rejuvenation procedure proposed – whether surgical or injectable – is an INVASIVE medical procedure with potential risks and complications. We always perform thorough psychological profiling to assess your suitability for any proposed facial intervention. IN APPROXIMATELY 30% OF ALL CASES ASSESSED, WE WILL NOT PROCEED TO PERFORM A FACIAL INTERVENTION – SURGICAL OR INJECTABLE.

A  famous surgical pearl of wisdom…”A good surgeon knows how to operate, a better surgeon knows when to operate but the best surgeon knows when not to operate.”

Make sure your facial rejuvenation specialist is a fully trained facial plastic surgeon

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