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Recovering from Your Tummy Tuck Surgery
After your tummy tuck procedure, you will be bruised and swollen. There will be discomfort, which will be controlled with pain medication prescribed by Dr. Mihail COJOCARU.

The first two days are the most uncomfortable, and after that you will notice a dramatic improvement in how you feel.

Following your surgery you will recover in one of the beautiful partner hotels. You will receive a care package from us and our staff is available to you while you stay with us. Having our staff visit you in your hotel room the next day is less straining on your system as opposed to driving back to the clinic to be seen.

You will see Dr. Mihail COJOCARU, the day after your surgery and at specified intervals during the weeks following your surgery. This is done so that the doctor can personally monitor your recovery process, and to ensure that you have the best results possible.

It is not uncommon to feel very weak and light-headed first 48 hrs after the surgery.  This means you will be prone to fainting, which is why it is important you have a responsible adult with you at all times when you are up and walking.

Upon returning home, you can shower, but it’s smart to have somebody assist you so you’re not left alone. A sponge bath is probably the better alternative initially.  Also note if you happen to have drains, you cannot get them wet.  To avoid straining your sutures, walking in a slightly stooped position is recommended for the first 14 days. You can gradually become more and more upright as the days progress.

It’s important to flex your feet at the ankles, in order to activate the calf muscles so they pump blood out of the legs, reducing your risk of blood clots. You should do this throughout the day while lying down or sitting.

After about a week, you will be able to move about your home doing light activities, like walking, sitting, flexing your knees and hips and limited household chores. You may ride in a car, but no driving.

Most patients return to work after 10 days, but avoid lifting, stooping, prolonged standing and any strenuous activity. You may begin to drive after 14 days as long as you no longer are taking pain medication. Full exercising and strenuous activities are to be avoided for 3 full months.

It’s quite common to experience numbness and occasional twinges of pain in your abdomen in the months following your surgery. You may also experience intermittent swelling, so you may want to wear compression garments for extra support.

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