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There are a number of different techniques for performing Browlift surgery. Since each approach is designed to address a different type of problem, you can be confident that there is a treatment that can be specifically tailored to you and your needs. The technique that your surgeon uses will depend on your age, facial structure, current eyebrow position, and on what is possible to maximise your appearance.

The different Browlift surgery methods are:

A Coronal Browlift is performed by making a long incision behind the hairline and beautifully elevating the entire forehead, brow area and hairline. In female patients without any thinning of the hair, it is an effective way for your surgeon to address moderate to major brow drooping. The advantage of this technique is that incisions are not made on the forehead and the scar is well hidden by hair.

The Pretrichial Browlift requires a long, discreet incision just in front of the hairline. Your surgeon elevates loose forehead skin, leaving the height of the hairline unchanged. Eyebrow shape and asymmetry can be addressed and the scar, once healed, is virtually undetectable. This procedure is ideal for female patients who want to both lift the eyebrows and raise and shorten the forehead. If shortening of the forehead is undesirable, however, the Trichial Browlift is a variation of this technique where the length of the forehead is left unchanged.

Direct Browlift requires making an incision following the length of each eyebrow.  This approach is typically reserved for male patients, particularly those with male pattern baldness. Using this technique, the surgeon elevates a sagging brow, while tightening and smoothing the forehead, by pulling the skin and tissue of the forehead down, rather than up. The hairline is lowered, which is ideal for patients with a receding hairline and/or a high forehead. The surgeon conceals the scar behind the eyebrow hair and can precisely address eyebrow shape and asymmetry. An ideal patient for the technique is one with forehead wrinkles which are used to hide the scars.

Midforehead Browlift is especially useful in male patients with a prominent forehead crease. In this approach, the surgeon makes an incision along the forehead crease and elevates the eyebrows as desired. Eyebrow shape and asymmetry can be addressed, and the scar is nicely concealed. Since this technique does not involve the skin of the whole forehead, the position of the hairline is unaffected. This is advantageous if a higher hairline would be undesirable. The procedure can also be easily performed under light sedation or local anesthesia.

An Endoscopic Browlift is minimally invasive and performed with only 3 to 5 small incisions made just above the hairline. Please note, however, that our surgeons do not perform Endoscopic Browlifts

Recovery after a Browlift
Following surgery you will have a supporting bandage around your forehead. Bruising and swelling will be most noticeable after the first day and will slowly subside after that. Some natural fatigue may also persist for 2 to 3 days, due to the normal effects of the anesthesia and surgical procedure. For at least two weeks after the procedure, you will be asked to avoid any strenuous physical activity and all activities that raise your blood pressure. Patients are usually comfortable returning to their normal routine after this time. If you work in an office setting, however, you should be able to return to work after a few days.

Patients will return to see the surgeon the day after surgery and at regular intervals thereafter. This is done to ensure that your surgeon can properly monitor your recovery, and make each patient’s experience smooth and safe, with the best result possible.

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