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How Otoplasty surgery is Performed
The ear is made up of cartilage that provides structural support and gives the ear its shape. The cartilage is covered with a thin layer of skin on both sides. During the procedure, an incision is made just behind the ears in the natural fold close to where the ears are attached to the skull. The skin is carefully lifted off to expose the underlying cartilage, which is then shaped and pulled back towards the head using carefully positioned permanent sutures.
Once the ear is fully healed, the only sign of surgery will be a thin line behind the ear, which is virtually invisible. Otoplasty is usually performed under local anesthesia, and you are able to go home immediately after the surgery. The entire process takes 1-2 hours.

The permanent sutures that are used in otoplasty are very delicate, requiring you to wear a band that holds the ears in place. You will need to wear the band while you sleep as well.

After the procedure you will have a large bandage wrapped around your heard, to protect your ears and keep them in their new position. It’s also designed to apply pressure to minimise the amount of bleeding. The bandage will be changed the next day, and you will need to wear a bandage holding your ears in place for a total of 7 days. You will also need to wear a headband to protect your ears while you sleep for the next four weeks.

The bandage that is placed will need to be kept dry until your follow up appointment 5 days after surgery. Pain following otoplasty is usually minimal and can be managed with low-grade analgesics. Children can return to school 1 week following surgery, but contact sports should be avoided for 6 weeks. Adults who have the surgery can resume normal light activities 1 day following surgery, and full activities at 3 weeks.

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