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Creating A More Youthful Appearance with Facial Fillers
Facial fillers are used to “fill in” or smooth problematic areas of the face, which appear wrinkled and tend to make a person look older than his or her actual years.  Hyaluronic acid – based injectable fillers, such as Teosyal, Juvederm, Pricess Volume and Restylane are available to our patients.
These fillers ‘fill’ wrinkles and add volume which is lost with aging.  This addition of volume in carefully selected areas creates a more youthful, revitalised appearance.
Dr. Mihail COJOCARU will expertly assess  your needs and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Hyaluronic-Acid Based Fillers
Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the human skin. It has the ability to attract and bond to water molecules, which helps the skin maintain volume. It helps keep the skin firm, and plays an important role in the shape of your features and the lubrication of your joints. Dr. Mihail COJOCARU uses it to add volume to lips and cheeks, and to fill in deep wrinkles or to contour a face in a non-surgical manner. Hyaluronic acid has been used successfully to smooth out wrinkles for more than 10 years.
Often, products like Teosyal are used to work in tandem with Botox to smooth out facial wrinkles when Botox alone won’t produce the desired results. Hyaluronic acid works well in cosmetic surgery applications because it can absorb up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, adding substantial volume to the surface of sagging skin. This helps older faces appear more youthful, because hyaluronic acid also binds with collagen – the material that supports human facial skin.

What Are Facial Fillers Used to Treat?
Facial filler injections provide anywhere from 9 months to over one year of correction for moderate to severe facial wrinkles. It is used for:

  • Smile lines  – the lines that run from the side of your nose down to the corners of your upper lip
  • Cheeks  – this includes addressing wrinkles as well as restoring facial volume that was lost due to aging or weight loss
  • Chin – used to re-contour the chin and adding definition and firmness
  • Lips – used to replenish the volume lost due to aging, or to create full-looking lips
  • “Marionette Lines” – used to treat the vertical lines and wrinkles below the corners of the mouth
  • Crow’s Feet  – used to treat the wrinkles and lines found in the corner of the yes due to aging, sun exposure, smoking and facial expressions
  • Frown Lines  – used to treat the lines between the eyebrows that are a result of repeated muscle contractions

Facial fillers is designed to address the signs of aging, often referred to as the “3 D’s of aging. These include:

  • Deterioration: resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and changes in skin texture

  • Descent
    : resulting in droopy or sagging skin

  • Deflation
    : resulting in loss of full features or volume

All of these treatment areas are non-surgical, but the results are not permanent. If you are looking for a permanent solution, Dr. Mihail COJOCARUcan discuss different options, including a brow lift, blepharoplasty and other procedures during your consultation.

What You Can Expect With Facial Filler Injections
The process begins with an initial consultation with Dr. Mihail COJOCARU. You will have an opportunity to discuss your goals and expectations about the injection procedure with the doctor, and ask any relevant questions you may have.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Mihail COJOCARU will:

  • Review your medical history and any medications you are taking
  • Discuss the procedure and any related procedures
  • Provide recommendations based on your needs and goals

Before You Start
No formal preparation is needed for facial filler injections, but it is often recommended that you avoid any medications that prolong bleeding, including aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). You will also be required to quit smoking at least 2 weeks prior to the facial filler injections in order to help ensure a quality outcome.

Before injecting facial fillers, Dr. Mihail COJOCARU may use a topical or injectable anaesthetic to numb the treatment area. Some of the new products, like Teosyal contain lidocaine, which makes a separate anaesthetic unnecessary. The procedure involves injecting facial filler under your skin using a very fine needle. This is done to restore volume and smooth fine lines, wrinkles and folds. Once the injections are completed, the area is gently massaged. The whole process is fast and easy, generally lasting anywhere from 15-60 minutes, depending on the amount of area to be treated.

After Treatment
One of the top benefits of facial filler injections is the minimal amount of downtime involved after your injections. For the first 24 hours, you should avoid any strenuous exercise or activity, excessive sun and exposure to heat. You should also avoid consuming alcoholic beverages during the first 24-hour period. This helps minimise any injection related reactions, including redness, pain, itching and swelling. Most patients experience no reactions or have only mild discomfort, which clears up in 7 days or less. Placing an ice pack on the injection site if you have swelling can help.

Facial Filler FAQs

How does Teosyal work?
First, the Teosyal gel is injected into the middle skin layer, adding volume and fullness and smoothens facial wrinkles and folds. Next, integrates into the skin tissue, attracting and binding water molecules to help maintain volume in the injected areas.

Is it safe?
Yes! It has been approved for the treatment of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds.

What is the difference between Teosyal and Botox?
Teosyal is a natural cosmetic filler, filling the deep wrinkles that are permanent. Botox blocks nerve transmission, relaxing the and weakening the muscles that cause wrinkles.

When will I see results?
Results are immediate, continually improving for 1-2 weeks after the injection.

How long is the recovery period?
There really isn’t a recovery period, as the discomfort and downtime is minimal. There may be some mild swelling, which will resolve in a week or less.

Does it hurt?
In most patients there is no pain. Very sensitive areas can be numbed with a topical or local anesthetic if needed.

How long does Teosyal last?
Teosyal is a natural facial filler with results that last for about 12 months. It is the only filler available with the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid. As the effects begin to wear off, the procedure will need to be repeated.

I had cold sores in the past. Does it affect anything?
If you have had cold sores in the past, even if it only happened once in your lifetime, you need to be given an antiviral medication prior to any lip injections to prevent a recurrence of a painful cold sore. Let us know and we will prescribe you a medication that you will need to get two days before your treatment and continue to take for three days after.

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