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First, the Teosyal gel is injected into the middle skin layer, adding volume and fullness and smoothens facial wrinkles and folds. Next, integrates into the skin tissue, attracting and binding water molecules to help maintain volume in the injected areas.
Yes! It has been approved for the treatment of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds.
Teosyal is a natural cosmetic filler, filling the deep wrinkles that are permanent. Botox blocks nerve transmission, relaxing the and weakening the muscles that cause wrinkles.
Results are immediate, continually improving for 1-2 weeks after the injection.
There really isn’t a recovery period, as the discomfort and downtime is minimal. There may be some mild swelling, which will resolve in a week or less.
In most patients there is no pain. Very sensitive areas can be numbed with a topical or local anesthetic if needed.
Teosyal is a natural facial filler with results that last for about 12 months. It is the only filler available with the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid. As the effects begin to wear off, the procedure will need to be repeated.
If you have had cold sores in the past, even if it only happened once in your lifetime, you need to be given an antiviral medication prior to any lip injections to prevent a recurrence of a painful cold sore. Let us know and we will prescribe you a medication that you will need to get two days before your treatment and continue to take for three days after.

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