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About our clinic

Welcome to the ESTET GYN

TIMISOARA is home to one of the top plastic surgery centers in the country – ESTET GYN

ESTET GYN unlike many traditional plastic surgery centers in Romanian, are industry recognized experts in a wide variety of cosmetic procedures, and are dedicated to providing customers.

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Our advantages

Why customers choose us

Centers in all states EU

The ESTET GYN clinic is known in Romania and the EU but also in the countries of the former Soviet Union


All specialists work in communication with each other, and often decide together.

Crisalix is Virtual Reality 4D & 3D plastic surgery imaging

See your new look before cosmetic surgery


Cosmetic surgery team is dedicated to providing our patients with safe treatment.

7 Years Reputation

Since 2012 ESTET GYN are the favorites of plastic surgery in the ROMANIA and UE.

Since 2012 EstetGyn Clinic offers plastic and cosmetic surgery services, hand surgery, breast surgery, silhouette surgery, non-surgical aesthetics, obstetrics-gynecology plus many other services


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